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Business areas

Pest Control

We have protocols with outside companies within the scope of Waste Management, as well as liability insurance for any eventuality during the works. All equipment and Biocides we use are developed in international research laboratories and are recommended by WHO and approved by DGS (Health Authority).
We have a highly specialized technical team to implement the following services:

  • De-cockroaching
  • Purging
  • Rat disinfestation
  • Bird Control
  • Disinsectization
  • Environmental Disinfection
  • Ant disinfestation
  • Weed control in public areas
  • Insect trap
  • General Disinfection

Aware of the need to provide innovative solutions capable of meeting the most demanding challenges faced by operators in the food sector, we have developed and created a unique tool in the market, the Zecafil Online Pest Control (OPC). This Management Computer Platform, that meets the international requirements, monitors in real-time the monitoring of each service and respective report as well as the management of technical teams on site. This working tool allows our customers a fast and detailed consultation over the web, of all the information regarding their company, service reports, recommendations, preventive measures, data analysis, graphs, photographs, layout of facilities, all types of documentation. The Zecafil Online Pest Control (OPC) allows an external audit to be performed to our customers without having to resort to paper.

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Food safety is a key requirement for consumers and is therefore increasingly a priority for all actors within the sector throughout the supply chain from the producer to the consumer.
The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system is a preventive system to identify, assess and control hazards throughout the food chain in order to achieve food safety.
We support companies in the implementation of HACCP systems, using an appropriate reference to each customer through a systematic analysis of food safety, from receipt of raw materials to the use of the final product.


Healthcare is a set of services related to hygiene, healthcare and welfare.
We have products and equipment available to our customers, enabling them without additional concerns to providing their employees, customers and business, a high level of hygiene and well-being.
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