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Who we are

Apresentação Zecafil - Healthcare-
Every industrial society considered as advanced, assumes as a principle, that every customer is unique and individualized element, with different characteristics from all the others, with customised ambitions and needs. And this is where we distinguished ourselves, treating each customer with the respect and dedication that they deserve.

The main objective of ZECAFIL is to provide our customers a comprehensive range of services, directed at every type of customer according to their needs. We are different because we provide innovative solutions and are able to provide rapid responses to requests from our customers, being recognized, among other qualities, for our speedy service.

We provide services with a superior level of excellence and quality, and to achieve this level we carry out several studies and analysis of results, providing a quick and effective response to all situations.

It is for us a constant concern to ensure that the services provided guarantee the highest safety at environmental protection level, thus taking the precautions for a future with quality and safety for our children.